by Catherine on November 29, 2011

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I’ve loved  following the Sportsgirl Believe tag around my favourite Australian fashion blogs, but when Jasmine of Fizzle Out asked me to share some dreams of my own, I had to think long and hard. I’ve always had lots of dreams – of course I still do – so here are just a few, along with some snaps from this past {long} weekend away at the Gold Coast.


Q: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I’ve never had that singular burning desire to do one particular job, but I always knew what kind of life I wanted to have. I daydreamed about adventures, travelling, speaking several languages, reading lots of books, having lots of opinions, growing through life together with my family, building one of my own, and most importantly, being interesting.

Q: Did you make this dream come true or change your mind?

Well, my French and German are a little rusty at the moment, but for the most part, yes, I feel like I’m living the dream!


Q: What is your favourite childhood memory?

There are so many, and since my Ma is visiting here in Australia for the first time, they’ve all been flooding back as we’ve spent the past days talking and laughing till we’re practically crying. All my favourite childhood memories involve playing with my brother. Visiting him in the hospital the day he was born is my earliest memory, and I thought he was pretty great right from the start. I’ve never felt prouder than the day I dressed him up in his little red bow-tie and took him into kindergarten show-and-tell as my ‘best thing in the world’.


Q: The biggest dream you have right now?

I’ve recently decided (after watching Poh’s Kitchen last week) that I’d love to try my hand at growing vanilla pods, but that’s probably more of a pipe dream than a big dream.


Q: Your summer must-have pick from the current Sportsgirl range?

To me, trend-driven accessories are what Sportsgirl does best. This summer that means easy pieces that pack a colour punch. I’m loving the Ibiza beaded clutch, bright saltwater sandals, anything with a classic breton stripe, and I just can’t resist the drama of a beautifully lacy fan in the stifling tropical heat!

I’d love to hear the answers to these same questions from Soph from Owl Vs. Dove, Jess from The Bikini Files, and Liss from Daydream Lily… so if you please… tag! You’re it!


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Love the colour of the sky and clouds. I don’t think the sky is that bright in the northern hemisphere. Also LOVE that you are living your dream – so exciting and special.

P xo



I agree, on trend accessories is a strong point at sportsgirl. Im always going in there to get bags and jewellery. Love your childhood dreams, I had similar ones. plus to be a doctor or an artist.



Aww nice! Love hearing about your dreams! Being an interesting person is a wonderful thing!



I love the accessories at Sportsgirl too! My favourite tights are from there :)

Love those beach photos, I really want to go swimming now!


Melissah from Coastal Style

Love the photos & that little brightly coloured clutch for summer would be perfect!

PS. I just launched a new blog this week if you feel like stopping by.


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